Why a Graco SoloTech Hose pump:

• 360° Hose: Gives you up to 50% more flow per revolution increasing hose lifetime

• Many Control Options: Batch control, pressure control, leak detection, PLC connection

• Motor Options: AC, AC ATEX, Brushless DC, IEC Flange (no motor)

• Hose Design: With only the hose in contact with the fluid being pump and no check valves inline, Graco’s SoloTech peristaltic pumps are ideal for materials that other pumps can not handle. Abrasive, corrosive, shear sensitive, and gas entrapped fluids can easily be pumped or dosed into your application.

Single roller compresses an engineered hose through a full 360-degrees of rotation

• More flow per revolution than conventional designs

• Inexpensive to maintain – no valves, seals or glands

• Pumps are reversible and can be used to empty lines or clear blockages

• Extended hose life – only one hose compression per revolution

• No special tools needed to change the hose, just a standard screwdriver



Please refer to part numbers on second picture for pricing guide 

SoloTech Peristaltic Hose Pumps

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