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Mechanical seal repair

The majority of mechanical seals on the market today as well as legacy models can be repaired or reconditioned at a fraction of the cost of a new seal. Parts of the seal will wear down over time and these are either restored or replaced, giving you the same performance you would expect from new seal.

Sizonke Trading has an in-house reconditioning centre that can repair all makes and models of seal. Additionally, our staff are highly trained and have years of experience in the industry.

Service include: 
  • Lapping of face

  • Polishing of faces

  • Repairing of housing

  • Repairing of sleeves

  • Manufacturing of faces in various materials

  • Manufacturing and sourcing of O-rings and gaskets in various materials

  • Seal upgrades

  • Seal sales

Mec Seal Repair 1
Mec Seal Repair 2
Mec Seal Repair 3
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