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Spray Shields 

Sizonke Engineered Products manufactures their own range of PTFE coated fibre glass in a range of colours with a wide centre band of clear Teflon film, these permit visual inspection of pipe joints by personnel so leaks can be detected rapidly. This unique viewing shield withstands temperatures of 150 Deg C and pressures to 1000 psi (69 bar). It demonstrates a broad spectrum of chemical resistance especially to most corrosive chemicals and organic solvents. An ideal application of this spray shield is its custom fabrication for use with sight flow indicators. The clear design of the shield allows easy visualisation of the sight window and sight window retainers, as well as the pipe connections. This range of products are fully manufactured in South Africa and are offered to fit all universal size flanges and valves. Along with the covers the range includes leak detection paints and hard shell flange covers. 

Metallic spray shield for high pressure

237G Metallic half closed spray shield AIGI 238G Metallic completely closed spray shield 237G & 238G can provide Customer-made spray shield for water outlet

● Application: High temperature, high pressure where exist or the non-metallic spray shield is not suitable
● Half closed spray shield has unique slot design, make the two sides overlap the other which could effective prevent side spray

 ● Completely closed spray shield cover the entirely flange, give flange better protection
● Easy installation
● Available for all the flange

Special Steel Spray Shield

● Suitable for corrosion and dangerous condition 

● Max. Temperature: 2000°F(1093°C)
● Max. Pressure: 24Mpa

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