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Never-Seez : Anti-seize 

The worlds most popular high performance anti-seize is now available to the Southern African market from Sizonke trading. Never-Seez is the leader in anti-seize technology and has been at the forefront of the industry for over 50 years. Never-Seez extensive range of anti-seize means there is a quality  solution for every sector of the industry .   

The “original” anti-seize compound and
extreme pressure lubricant formulated
with copper, graphite, aluminum and other
ingredients to protect metal parts against
corrosion and seizure. Fine metallic and
graphite particles in a special grease protect
parts in high heat, high pressure and
corrosive environments.

Never-Seez Regular Grade


Never-Seez Pure Nickel

Never-Seez Pure Nickel Special and Nuclear
Grade are superior, high temperature, extreme
pressure anti-seize compounds. They contain
flake particles of pure nickel, graphite and other
additives in a special grease carrier found to
enhance anti-seize performance.

Never-Seez High Temp Stainless 

Never-Seez High Temperature Stainless is a
stainless steel, graphite, aluminum based
anti-seize compound formulated to protect
against seizure and galling, galvanic and
severe environmental corrosion.
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