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FMI is an Italian manufacturing company, created in the 90’s, and located between Bergamo and Brescia, an area where the most important technologies for the processing of PTFE, Graphite and many other special materials have been enhanced

FlEXIGRAF-  Graphite gasket 

FlEXIGRAF-  Graphite gasket 

Composition:   Graphite wire reinforced with polymer 

Tempreture:      - 200 to + 450 °C 

Pressure max:  150 Bar

Thickness:        0.5 to 3 mm             

SICHEM-  PTFE gasket 

Composition:   high performance biaxially oriented sheet sealing material containing modified PTFE or microcellular modified PTFE 

Tempreture:      - 260 to  + 260 °C 

Pressure max:  80  Bar

Thickness:        0.6 to 6 mm             

SICHEM - PTFE gaskets
SICHEM S11 , S33, S50, S59 and Diaphragm data
SICHEM S90, S91, S60, S58, S66, S92, S93 data

FM-HIGH-  Mica gasket 

Composition:    Expanded Mica and biosoluble fiber                             bonded to a SS316L tanged core 

Tempreture:      900 °C 

Pressure max:  200 Bar

Thickness:        1 to 3 mm             

FM-HI MIca gasket
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