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Full Stainless Steel monolithic construction (no sprays, welds, coatings, plating’s, etc.) 

 Full hardness throughout the material, similar in specification to high speed tool steel! 

Ease of manufacture, no third party applying welds or coatings.

Compatible with all packing grades due to its uniform grain structure and precision final machined finish.

Packing friendly, as delaminating or lifting of coatings due to lack of lubrication etc. cannot tear the packing apart and any wear on the sleeve only exposes more of the same sleeve!

The hardness rating of 50-52 HRC combined with 0.4unm surface finish will be ideal for slurry type packing, particularly when used with the SpiralTrac bushing system.

 Costs are typically ± 15-20% less than a coated stainless steel sleeve.

The sleeves are often re-usable, depending on the extent of wear between repacks as they can be re-ground and polished.

Corrosion resistance is significantly better than normal mild steel sleeves. 

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