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When you need fibreglass products for engineering, industrial, construction and refurbishment

Anti-Slip Steps

Anti-slip Stair 

Anti-slip stair safety solutions for the workplace


When it comes to safety, our anti-slip flooring, stair covers and grating reduces injuries and staff downtime even in the most slippery conditions.

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Anti-slip Floor

Anti-slip flooring consists of special anti-slip sheets that can be applied to existing flooring to improve its slip resistance. It’s an essential safety feature for industrial areas, walkways and stairs to help prevent injuries to staff and slip-related accidents.

Safe to Step is the premier slip-resistant flooring from Sizonke Trading. It incorporates a quartz gritted surface – which means it remains slip resistant if liquids, ice or even oil is present.

The addition of isophthalic polyester and vinyl ester resins ensure Safe Tread flooring won’t corrode in even the harshest chemical environments, making it ideal for industrial areas.

Slip-resistant products are available for floors, walkways and stairs and can be applied to almost any surface, making them an excellent alternative to replacement flooring.

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