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Wrapseal ultra kits
SealXpert log
  • Repair leaks in 30 minutes

  • Applicable to pipes up to 18″ (457 mm)

  • Withstand pressure up to 400 psi (28 kg/cm²)

  • Withstand temperature up to 200°C (392°F)

Steel sticks repair putty
  • Pre-mixed ceramic-based formulation

  • Suitable for moist and wet conditions

  • Excellent resistance to oil and chemicals

  • Bonds to metallic and non-metallic surfaces

  • Stop squeaks

  • Loosen rusty, frozen and sticky parts

  • Protects against rust and metal corrosion 

  • Removes moisture

Reapir paste - metal
  • Metal-filled two-component epoxy putty

  • Bonds to metals, concrete and plastics

  • Ideal for patching and repairing areas where welding or brazing is undesirable

Wraps seal
  • Corrosion barrier and isolator

  • Excellent alkali and acid resistance

  • High adhesion strength

  • Applicable for pipes, tanks, and large surfaces

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active leak repair
Sealxpert product
Wrap seal producst
Wrapseal under water repairs
Pipe repairs with wrap seal
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