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PackRyt - Bearing system 

The PackRyt® Sealing System is a unique stuffing box sealing arrangement that
incorporates a bearing and flush channel system together. This replaces outdated packing/lantern ring/packing configurations. Our system brings shafts into concentricity and keeps them there, significantly increasing sealing

PackRyt Setup.png

• Machined to close-clearance, the bearing stabilizes the shaft and prevents movement
• Cavitation caused deflection is minimized
• Results in minimal friction to sleeve/shaft
• Minimal clearance sharply throttles solids, which allows the low-flush to keep them out
of the shaft area
• Flush use reduction averages over 65%
• Flush flow remains constant
• Automatically positions flush channel correctly, lantern ring cannot move past flush inlet
• Little, or in some cases, no leakage from gland follower to atmosphere
• Eliminates need to constantly adjust packing
• As few as two rings of packing required
• High performance, ultra

• Tremendous compressive strength
• Impervious to most chemicals.
• Virtually no dimensional growth up to 260ºC
• Split, pinned, drilled and tapped for easy installation and removal.
• Available as split bearing without lantern ring groove (Product Name: BRG).

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