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Since 1976 HUDCO Industrial Products, Inc. has provided innovative solutions to our customers' toughest wear problems. HUDCO's success is the result of research, outstanding service and consistently superior products. Our effective use of advanced ceramics, carbides, plastics and other wear resistant materials dramatically improves the service life of material handling equipment.

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The Wear-Resistant Alternative that Makes Steel and Chrome Carbide Wearplate Obsolete!

WearSpan® sets new standards of performance in the toughest industrial applications. Operating cost reductions of 25-90% are typical when WearSpan® is used to replace steels, chrome carbide overlays, rubber, and urethane.

HUDCO Industrial Products has manufactured wear resistant bulk handling and processing components since 1976. Based on our experience with wear resistant materials, including special steels, rubber, ceramics, basalt and plastics, we are confident that you will be very impressed with WearSpan®.

WearSpan Hudco - supplied by Sizonke trading

Beaded Wearing Compound

HUDCO Formula 4020 FB

HUDCO 4020 FB is a specially formulated wearing compound that contains high wear resistance beads in a strong, durable epoxy matrix that is reinforced with ballistic grade aramid fiber for added wear resistance. The beads are made of a high wear resistance material. Because the beads in 4020 are small in size, the exposure surface has greater wear element to matrix ratio. This results in improved wear resistance and material flow.

Hudco 4020FB - supplied by Sizonke trading
Hudco PulvaWear - supplied by Sizonke trading

HUDCO CMP Ceramic Surface

HUDCO CMP CERAMIC SURFACE is the best prevention to expensive failures. It is a lower viscosity version of Ceramic Rebuild, and is designed to coat metal equipment subject to corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack where a "diamond-hard", smooth, glassy surface is desired. Ceramic Surface is excellent when applied to new equipment to further extend its surface life, especially where fluid dynamics play a major role.

Hudco QuickStik info - supplied by Sizonke trading
Hudco CMP - supplied by Sizonke trading
Hudco QuickStik info - supplied by Sizonke trading

Super-Tough Beaded Wearing Compound


PulvaWearTM is a specially formulated wear resistant coating for use in coal pulverizing mills. The composition of dense alumina spheres and micro ceramic powder in a ballistic grade aramid fiber reinforced epoxy matrix provides remarkable service life when applied to classifier cones, mill walls and other internal components. The protective properties of PulvaWearTM are uniquely optimized by typical coal mill operating temperatures. The service life of Hudco PulvaWearTM in coal pulverizers typically exceeds 5 years.

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