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Wrap Seal Ultra

Wrap seal ultra allows you to repair leaking pipes and equipment while it is active or under pressure. This is done by using a 3 part system that creates a seal , stops the leak and then permanently repairs the equipment for pressure up to 10 bar or 150 Psi on active repairs and pressure up to 30 bar or 500 Psi if equipment is shut down and then repaired  

Pipe repair.png

Pipe Repair up to 457 mm or 18 inch 

Wrap seal ultra allows you to repair pipes up to 457 mm or 18 inch with our kit system and even bigger when you repair using our support products like the Sealxpert stainless steel pipe clip kit and Metal repair putty.

flang repair.png

Pipe repairs in under 20 minutes

Emergency repairs to your pipes are possible because of our quick cure epoxy repair stick and fast set fibre glass bandage. These items set in 5 minutes and become hard creating a permanent repair.

Learn how to use Wrap seal ultra – watch this video

The video show how to apply Wrap seal ultras active repair kit – only available form Sizonke trading

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