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Tap Magic EP-Xtra®: Our high performance ALL-PURPOSE cutting fluid! The standard in cutting fluids,Tap Magic EP-Xtra works very well on all metals and in all applications that don’t require a water-based formula.The ‘Xtra’ refers to a proprietary ingredient that provides a synergistic boost to the EP agent in the formula, promoting performance and extended tool life.

Tap Magic ProTap®: The NON-CHLORINATED version of our standard EP-Xtra, this cutting fluid works extremely well on all metals and applications while giving up very little in performance! Tap Magic ProTap is very effective on metals from stainless to aluminum. It meets the regulations in all 50 states in the US.

Tap Magic Aqueous: A WATER-BASED cutting fluid meant to be used without dilution or as a booster to recirculating systems,Tap Magic Aqueous is a versatile product for any operation that can’t use an oil-based fluid. It is biodegradable and provides for easy clean-up, and works on all metals except magnesium; so if these are your needs,Tap Magic Aqueous is the cutting fluid for your jobs!

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