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The 4000 Series is a complete ecological spray system solution.


Our pressure spray cans are ideal for processing cleaning, leak detection, separating and other spraying media. Spray oils or cooling lubricants can also be used for workpiece processing without any problems.

The benefit of our spraying system lies in the savings when purchasing the spraying media. In addition, there are no disposal costs that would otherwise be incurred if spray cans were used.

Ultimately, we make a contribution to relieving the burden on the environment. The propellant "AIR" replaces harmful propellants, which are usually used in spray cans. AIR does not pollute our atmosphere!



The spray cans can be filled easily and conveniently on a 4000 F filling station. Here you can choose between a material compressed air filling and/or a pure compressed air filling. In addition, we also offer solutions for manual filling of spray bottles.


Your advantages:

  • universal use in many industrial sectors

  • no disposal costs

  • no environmental impact due to the use of air as propellant

  • Interior coating to protect sprayers possible


Spray media:

  • all slightly liquid spray media which do not attack VITON seals 


Notice: All pressure containers are made of aluminium. 

Not suitable for alkaline or acidic media.


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