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The MPG kit allows you to make gaskets of any size and shape, these gaskets  can compensate for  irregularities in the surface  of up to 7 mm . 

Simply apply the Moldable Polymer to the surface as desired then spray with activator to start the curing process then you can close up the equipment. 

  • MPG is a high quality system for the production of flat gaskets for most industrial applications 

  • flange irregularities up to 7 mm can be compensated - MPG is dimensionally stable, does not shrink and warp, does not slip 

  • easy installation (see figure) and removal - can be pulled off without sticking onto the object, protects flanges 

  • highly economical: no waste, no cutting and punching of gaskets 

  • resistant to water, oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, etc., except concentrated
    acids / alkalines (in the pH range >2 to < 11) 

  • very good coverage: top surface of a cartridge (400 ml) at 3 mm bead diameter corresponds to about 33 m 

  • Specifications (physical parameters):
    p-range: vacuum - 220 bar (see below)
    pmax (after full cure 24 hours at 25 ° C): 220 bar (depending on the conditions and mechanical tolerances to bridge the sealing gap.)  pmax (immediately after application): 1 bar
    pmax (steam 170 ° C): 7 bar
    t: -50°C up to +260°C
    pH: 2-11 

Moldable Polymer Gasket (MPG KIT 2 Piece)

R13 000,00Price
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