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Enjoy the following great benefits with ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound:

  • 95% zinc in the dry film using only Type III “ultra pure” ASTM-D-520 zinc

  • Meets and exceeds Fed. Spec. DOD-P-21035A (Galvanizing Repair Spec);

    MIL-P-26915A (USAF Zinc Dust Primer); ASTM Des. A-780 (Standard Practice for Repair of Damaged Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings; SSPC-Paint 20 (Specification for Zinc-Rich Primer)

  • Passes 3,000 hours salt spray testing without failure (ASTM Des. B117)

  • Passes Preece Test (ASTM Des. A239) for hot-dip galvanizing

  • Passes 9-year subtropical testing

  • Low VOC approved in all 50 states

  • SO 9001 registration assures the highest quality consistently

ZRC (Cold Galvanizing Compound)

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